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The GREEN Alternatives...

No paint fumes spewing into the air, no chipping, rusty dust or oily residue here!

There's no denying it, our nation is becoming increasingly aware of our environmental responsibilities. Today's American consumer is consciously seeking out every "GREEN" product alternative that addresses their deepening concerns. The push is definitely on to create new products successfully reprocessed from materials harvested from old products that outlived their usefulness and destined for a landfill.

Compared to the heavy and cumbersome painted angle-iron or welded-wire "banjo frames," or the flimsy spaghetti stakes found in common use today, USA Sign Frame and Stake products are ahead of the crowd (environmentally speaking). Made entirely of near 100% recycled structural plastic.

     USA CoroStake - 24"

Rugged webbed design

More Durable than 'H' Style wire stake

Economical Shipping - durable but extremely light weight
Made in USA
The GREEN Alternative
Made Specifically for TwinWall Plastic materials

Special $1.50 ea. Introductory offer





     USA - Frame
Rugged webbed design
18" x 24" Sign panel securely mounts with out fasteners
Economical Shipping - durable but extremely light weight
Designed for easy installation and years of repeated use
Made in USA
Save even more with reduced freight charges

$10.95 each


Special Custom
Name Rider

Full Color Directional

Super-Saver  Directionals


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