24" x 36" REMAX Company Sign Panel

Your  Company's name and phone number are prominently displayed. Quality material and long lasting ink are the ingredients of these approved  panels.

Available Materials:

0.10" PolyMaxxtm UV stablelized POLYSTYRENE.

.040 thick ALUMINUM with hi-gloss baked enamel finish.

24 gauge zinc coated STEEL panel with a hi gloss baked enamel finish.

NiteBrite ™ 3M REFLECTIVE finish on a.040 aluminum sign panel.

2436-FP-SP-RMX-CP Order Page

Company sign panels are double sided and punched to fit industry standard sign holders.

Qty - 1 - - 3 - - 5 - - 10 - - 15 - - 25 - - 50 -
Polystyrene - - - - - - Call
Aluminum - - - - - - Call
Steel - - - - - - Call
Reflective - - - - - - Call
Price per each sign panel


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Polystyrene Aluminum
Steel Reflective
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The Importance of Real Estate Yard Signs

 Real estate marketing has changed a lot over the years, largely because of the Internet. But one of the oldest forms of home marketing is still one of the best — the real estate yard sign! The reason why signs work so well has to do with simplicity and custom.

It's customary to place a real estate sign in the yard when promoting a property, so home buyers keep an eye out for them. It's also one of the most simple forms of marketing, and simplicity is also welcome when it comes to real estate marketing

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